Is it just me or was the fight between Gray and Tempesta very anti-climatic??

But yeah, we got to see Sayla again :D

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Gajeel Redfox gifs Set 4~

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Tumblr, can I have my life back?…No?….Okay….. *draws another fanart*

part 3 of black haired Levy <3


It was Gajeel and Elfman fighting when I clicked pause, then I got this wonderful shot of Gajeel plastered over my laptop screen - I wasn’t disappointed.


Fairy Tail Chapter 398 Reaction Part 1

Gray came back as a fuckin badass and we’re all going to die from how cool he is. I’m laughing to myself how so many people thought that Gray was going to come and save Juvia and get upset how hurt Juvia is… and then he comes to save Gajeel.


Happens almost every year when I get back from DragonCon…

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My hubby found a workout similar to the one Bruce Lee used, only not as intense of course, so I will be starting that tomorrow to get my ass in shape!

Kamui Senketsu Life Fiber Synchronize v. Kamui Junketsu Life Fiber Override

Kill la Kill (2013)


PREVIEW figma Kill la Kill series: Satsuki Kiryūin. Big Size Image, Release date/Price: TBA

Work by siro


Fan art of one of my favourite animes, Bully la bully.