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"It suits you..."

Short-haired Gajeel and long-haired Levy requested by cubroz


Spellbound Pact

I had this AU idea of Levy as a witch/sorceress-in-training a while back…. The student has a familiar that helps train him or her learn the ropes and become a successful witch/sorceress. In this AU Levy has PantherLily as her familiar and they make a great team. Levy has such a passion to learn that during her studies she stumbles across a mysterious book that contains a complex spell called “The Spellbound Pact” where you make a contract with a spirit. Spirit summoning is normal in this AU, but what makes this spell different is that the spirit you call is from a place called “The Void”, a sort of magical prison. She becomes obsessed with learning about this spell, she sneaks into the restricted part of the library to find more information about The Void. She comes about a mysterious photograph of a former warlock who was condemned to The Void. She shares her findings with Lily. He takes one look at the photo and blows up, he forbids her to attempt the summoning….but she does it anyway.

"N-NOOO PANTHERLILY!!!!" She didn’t have anytime to grieve her loss for the spirit swirled around her, he laughed as he flexed his hand, his nails elongated into sharp points. "Gihi, now it’s your turn…" Levy clutched her wand to her chest; he was going to pay for what he did. She summoned him; she would get rid of him! "I will dispel you back to The Void!” She pulled at her magical energy from deep within her and pointed her wand at him, but to her horror nothing happened. “GIHIHIHI!!! WHAT WAS THAT?” He laughed at her. “You don’t have enough magic to dispel me, you stupid little witch!” Levy bit down on her lip. Oh no, he’s right…what do I do?? What do I do?? She thought as she watched him laugh hysterically at her dilemma. Suddenly she remembered something Lily had said to her earlier. I have to say his name to gain control of him and enact the pact…but, what was his name!? Oh if only I had listened to Lily. The spirit called out to her from across the chamber. “Oy…you got another plan, I see you thinking over there…” He then appeared behind her. “It won’t work.” He whispered in her ear, his voice felt like ice on her neck making goose bumps blossom all over her skin. His name, his name… I have to stall. She raised her wand and said “Disappear!” A cloud of pink smoke enveloped the room. He chuckled, crossing his arms. “I already told you, that is not gonna work on me.” The smoke dissipated and he frowned…she was gone.

Err, I draw better than I write, but I did fix up this little bit. There is more, but nehhh, I’d rather doodle. Hahaha, anyways I’d imagine that Levy and Gajeel go on cool adventures and learn a lot from each other and eventually they begin to have feelings for one another so much so that Levy tries to find a way to free him from The Void so that he can be a human again and they can knock boots. Aww, happy endings!!! xD


w.i.p Levy IronDragonborn (a mouthful ahaha)


Gajeel is my favorite character, his character development so far is some of the best. Also his development in the looks department helps too.



zombiegirl01 said: Is there any way to earn gold keys without using coins?

You can 1) earn enough FP. You can get 5 gold keys in this event if you get enough FP from opening or failing to open chests.

Or you can 2) get rare medals. You get rare medals if you consume a R or higher card…

Omg I can’t even get one gold key LOL

Not sure I can see myself playing Brave Guild for too much longer. I am trying to figure it all out but there is soooo much stuff to do and reading katakana is mot something I am good at :(

I am also not a fan of games that require you to buy coins to obtain items to help you.

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In FT Monthly Magazine Vol. 3, they introduced Mashima’s workplace. 

These are photos they took of Mashima drawing Ch. 399.

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Brave Guild~

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I finished my realistic Levyyy, haha I like how it turned out. x3 Now off to learn how to draw realistic men… Aka Gajeel should be next.


In other news i SUCK at backgrounds and several other things
Does anyone have a name for this brotp?

Stupid woman you bought too many hats-again! !!

Gajeel just casually littering in the royal palace, nbd

Fir the ship thingy: Bixanna or Baccana c:

I would have to say Baccana :3