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  1. My favorite era of music was the 80s….don’t care what anyone says. I listen to the 80s station almost everyday on Pandora….nothing beats hearing some good old AC/DC or Ozzy an day :D
  2. I may come off as a bitch at times to people, but I’m really quit nice for those who know me and have gotten on my good side LOL
  3. No matter how much I sleep I still feel tired as hell the next day…
  4. I am very antisocial
  5. I love cats, I love every kind of cat! I just want to hug all of them, but I can’t hug every cat XD

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I have noticed this as well.

Let’s cut to the chase…Gajeel and Levy are not considered to be main character like Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Erza, Gray or even Juvia. So what if this pairing finally gets a little spotlight for once? Out of 396 chapter, they have only had a few scenes together….Fighting Festival Arc, Tenrou Island, Grand Magic Games and now the current one in Tartaros Arc. So why is so wrong for people who adore this couple to be happy for once that their OTP was recognized enough to receive this little “mini-arc” as people are dubbing it now. 

And let’s face it, all the previous interactions have never been “romantic” in any way…until now. So what if Gajeel is finally realizing his feelings for Levy (which we all now he has something)? So what if he sees how special Levy is to him after the sacrifice she made to give him the last of her air? So what if it wasn’t really a kiss but CPR? Some people saw it as a kiss, others didn’t and that’s fine. And who cares if Lucy, Natsu and the others are drowning still….news flash, everyone in the guild is drowning, not just them. These are not reasons to start douching out and hating on other fans and their OTPS people.

When Natsu grabbed Lucy’s breast in the GMG arc when she was naked, all the NaLu fans freaked out and went on about it for days…”OMG Natsu touched Lucy’s boob and saw her naked!” All I saw was Natsu being an idiot as usual and not realizing what he did. But did the other OTPs fans complain about it or start acting the way most of these kids are acting and making hate posts about NaLu?

The point is PEOPLE NEED TO FUCKING CALM DOWN!!!! Getting this upset over fictional characters and OTPs is really quit sad. Making hate posts about this is meaningless and ridiculous. Saying mean and hurtful things to other fans, especially as anon, is one of the most fucking cowardly and immature anyone on this site could possibly do.

So in short, this fandom in particular still has a lot of growing up to do. Will I act like some people and say I’m fucking done with it and flip a table? Not by a long shot!! Why let a few twats get in the way of something I like? :)

Sorry if this rant is all over the place, I can’t multitask and rant s at once very well :P

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You know, for being fans of a series that emphasized on NAKAMA POWER, Some members of the fandom need more practice in being friends with their fellow fans.

Some people still have some growing up to do…


I don’t care who the fuck you think you are or how much you hate a ship you do not compare a fictional couple and a terminal illness that has claimed thousands upon millions of lives.

I don’t care if you are a troll. I don’t care if you are a genuine fan. I. Don’t. Care. As someone who has…

It just goes back to me saying people in these fandoms take things way too seriously and become all stupid when trying to make legit excuses for things….but fail.


Is this for real? Okay. Anon 1 – since you clearly don’t have the IQ to check a dictionary, I did it for you to see how the word cancerous exisists! ^^ I think the one proving to have none is you wasting your time hiding behind anon Ask. PS: I have a nice explanation concerning Laxana in my profile.

Anon 2 – are you telling me that every Laxus ship is a Cancer then? Because I recall him threatening them ALL back then. Check your facts before sending your senseless hate.

I think the only response I can come up with for these anons is DERP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apparently people on this website take their characters more seriously than I thought. Make one failed joke about Yukino from Fairy Tail and you get shot up with a round of NO THIS CHARACTER IS NOT THAT DONT SAY SUCH THINGS ABOUT HER.

Lesson here is: stay away from Fairy Tail fans, they are very fragile when it comes to their characters.

I would say more stupid than scary….

I'm not liking the Levy bashing I'm hearing so far.. she did what she had to do, what's wrong with that?

Eh?? I haven’t really heard anyone bashing on poor Levy. If people are bashing on Levy, it’s only because they are haters and still mad at the fact that our OTP, for once, has finally gotten some spotlight instead of theirs. I mean I can’t stand NaLu, but you don’t see me going around making posts and bashing on someone elses OTP :/

But on a serious note, it’s this kind of shit that really makes me despise the Fairy Tail fandom. They take things WAY too seriously and just douche out on other fans and on Hiro Mashima. Here’ an idea….GROW THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!!!

I guess in the end just ignore the idiots that go around making these posts, no sense in arguing with them. Let them hate all they want…it’s just making them look the fool.

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i posted some of the gaj.evy smut entries on DA and someone asked me why didn’t i censor it? the fuck? i even used the mature filter? what are you expecting to see under a mature filter? a censored pic? what…?

LOL I used Lily’s surprised face on one of them, but the Pixiv version doesn’t have it XD. Everyone is getting a kick out of it




Let’s take just a quick second to ignore the Gajevy kiss and remember the fact thAT NATSU LUCY AND JUVIA ARE PRETTY MUCH DROWNING IN POISENED WATER

*You forgot Levy is drowning too

I really hope you said/say this stuff during the gmg arc when everyone was being killed by…

you should change your url and icon tbh, bc you don’t give a single shit about Levy’s life when she’s also in danger… Typical main character fans…



Yeah… you were right. You really do have to say it in a way that makes it clear you’re joking.


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